ERGO-Lux MP mobil - The new star in the sky of magnifiers has arrived


  • Ergonomic design with prominent handle end to support the ball of the hand and soft-touch zone with anti-slip guard for thumb and index finger

  • Convenient lanyard loop

  • Battery box closes with distinct click for quick and easy battery replacement

  • Raised switch provides audible feedback

  • 2 brightness levels thanks to cutting-edge Multi-Power boost switch

  • 4-chip SMD LED provides superior, shadow-free lighting

  • Long-lasting, consistent light intensity without early loss of brightness

  • 3 different light temperatures available: Warm white 2700K / neutral white 4500K / cool white 6500K

  • 14 different aspheric lightweight lenses including 2 rectangular lenses

  • Available in 11 different power variations from 6D to 56D

  • Made in Germany