LowVision specialist SCHWEIZER becomes even more sustainable


The innovative supplier of specialist optical aids for visually impaired people is replacing most of its packaging materials such as cartons, demo boxes, padding material and microfibre pouches as well as various print collateral with more sustainable materials.

This year, SCHWEIZER has started gradually introducing product packaging made of sustainable, FSC certified, uncoated paper and cardboard while streamlining its package sizes. In addition, the currently used plastic bubble wrap is being replaced with recycled paper padding, and demo and trial boxes are in future being offered in a material mix of glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibres (recyclable). The move to more eco-friendly packaging also affects the microfibre pouches (for cleaning and storage), which are now also made of recyclable material.

By focusing increasingly on digital formats for its brochures and flyers, SCHWEIZER has significantly cut its paper consumption, thus also saving the resources required for paper production such as wood and water, while reducing emissions caused by transporting the collateral.

However, not all processes can be changed immediately and not all emissions can be avoided, but SCHWEIZER endeavours constantly to optimise its processes in areas where it is sensible and technically feasible, while ensuring its customers are served with the same top quality and reliability to which they have become accustomed.

LowVision specialist SCHWEIZER becomes even more sustainable



Der Gesichtsschutz INFEKT-PROTECT SHIELD von SCHWEIZER ist speziell für alle Personen mit Kundenkontakt im Nahbereich konzipiert worden. Er überzeugt mit einfachster Handhabung und angenehmem Tragekomfort bei gleichzeitigem Schutz für Augen, Nase und Mund dank großem hochtransparentem Visier. Der Gesichtsschutz ist leicht zu reinigen und recyclingfähig.

OHREN-HELD - bequem - leicht - hygienisch.

Der OHREN-HELD von SCHWEIZER unterstützt auf angenehmste Weise das Tragen von Mund-Nasen-Schutzmasken. Dank der zehnstufigen Verstellbarkeit können die Masken-Haltebänder ideal eingehängt werden. Dadurch können, insbesondere bei längerem Tragen, schmerzhafte Druckstellen an den Ohren vermieden werden.