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ExpertiseImproVision is a subsidiary of A. Schweizer GmbH which boasts Europe’s largest range of product solutions for improved vision. It all started more than 175 years ago and we invite you to learn more about a company that still manufactures products “Made in Germany”.

Improvision GmbHThe owner-managed company SCHWEIZER was founded in Germany as early as 1840. Originally established as a glass grinding company, SCHWEIZER has since developed from a manufacturer of
optical products into a leading supplier
of product solutions for improved vision.

Made in GermanySCHWEIZER started producing magnifiers in Germany in 1945 and from then on has continuously added new and innovative products to its product portfolio. Experience, expertise, customer satisfaction and, not least, the tireless dedication of its employees have made SCHWEIZER the leading specialist for improved vision. For instance, SCHWEIZER was the first company worldwide to bring modular magnifier systems with interchangeable magnification heads on the market. In addition, SCHWEIZER set new standards – be it with the introduction of the world’s first LED illuminated magnifier or its comprehensive range of ergonomic magnifiers. In early 2017, SCHWEIZER celebrated another premiere with the launch of the world’s first illuminated handheld magnifier with inductive charging technology.

SCHWEIZER’s user-friendly products have always been and still are at the forefront of product solutions for improved vision. Today, SCHWEIZER is proud to be a low vision specialist with the widest range of products for the visually impaired on the market.

The extensive training and seminar program is another pillar of SCHWEIZER’s success. In addition to holding seminars and workshops designed to train eye care professionals in the dispensing and fitting of low vision aids, SCHWEIZER and ImproVision are also partners of OPTIK-AKADEMIE. This internet-based training and information platform covers all aspects of low vision care.

Find out more about SCHWEIZER’s unique success story and dip into the brochure outlining the company history.



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